It is clean and simple for Google — To make searching a pleasant activity. But the greedy minds around keep lurking for the loopholes to dive and steal the ranking that some other deserves. It does not only blows the trumpet upon the hopes of one working with good intentions, but also upon those looking for some solution on Google. This issue was the major reason that made Google release various algorithmic updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and Caffeine. Google has now made it clear that its sheer aim is to satiate the user intent — If a user wants to look for how to write a movie script, then those top cream of the SERP must be able to tell him that same thing and not fool. Where in the earlier days many websites were coming on the top of search result page, now those doors have almost closed for them. It no more is an easy task. Best SEO services company (Sydney, Australia) pour their expertise to their clients – the expertise that comes after breathing SEO guidelines, and Google’s regular updates. Because the factors are many and the guideline many more, it becomes tougher for someone to pay attention to many of those. This leads to avoidable penalties. These SEO companies save a website from getting unknowingly penalized. But what are these penalties after all?

The play between SEO services company, the client, and the search engine.

Days were passing and your website was doing very fine on SERP, then one day its sheer brutal spiral descent into hell itself. What could have happened? There are two possibilities – either an update might have been released, or you might have been penalized. In both the ways, there possibly was something wrong with your website. What is this penalty after all and why does Google penalize?

What is a Google Penalty?

Google Penalty is like a scarecrow that keeps spammers away – the only difference is that this scarecrow wields a 12-gauge Beretta A300 Outlander. When its algorithms and webspam filter find any unusual activity, which per it is foul and against the guidelines, Google penalizes. These penalties sag your website’s ranking and furthermore might get your website banished by Google or any search engine.

These penalties come in two types – Manual and Automatic. The manual penalties get inflicted by a local spam team, while the automatic ones are the curses of algorithms and webspam filter. When it comes to the automatic penalties, even the best SEO services company (Sydney, Australia) gets thrown to surprise.

The reasons Google whips at the back of your website.

Those using blackhat tactics need no answer to why they get penalized. But sometimes people stay ignorant to some guidelines and get unknowingly penalized. There are few known reasons as to why Google comes harsh on websites trying to challenge its aim of making Google a better place to surf.

  • You are naive, you are lazy, you are immoral, and you are ungrateful, and thus you use duplicate content on your website. Search Engines hate to see internet stuffed with similar content with no added value. It takes a moon full of money to manage the servers where Google stores data, and it surely does not want to stuff those millions of storage servers with similar content.
  • “Alright. So Google sees how many links a website has and then prefers the one with the highest. Easy Peasy. Here I ask my many friends and strangers to link me back in return of the same favor.” Well, this was smart, but some 15 years ago until Google released its Jagger update. Search Engines hate a group of people lauding each other and showing the world that they all are experts in something or other.
  • “Alright. So Google notices the keywords we use. But overusing keywords might look bad to any visitor. I have a smart idea – I’ll make those words as same the background color. Solved.” Hidden text or hidden links are against the webmasters’ guidelines and they do lead to penalties.
  • If you have gotten bored of your website and want to leave and sit in some monastery, then over-optimize your website. Over-optimization is a great way to get under the claws of algorithms. Don’t overuse anchor text; don’t put too many internal links; don’t put unnecessary keywords.
  • Yes. Google takes note of the H1 tag, but know that H1 must be one alone. Have you ever seen two titles for one essay?
  • Your website is linked to too many unusual and spam websites. Might be, rather than going to some best seo services company (Sydney, Australia) you got lured by some wonderful SEO company who was offering you number one spot and many thousand visitors in just a few months at a very cheap price. They do nothing but harm your website’s long-term potential. If you are genuine, you’ll never go for fake.
  • Too many error codes and 404s in your website do get you something for sure – a warning or some penalty. It might get technical for you to treat it unless you are an expert in SEO.
  • Malicious backlinks might be due to many reasons. Either someone is trying to do harm to you by linking to you through their spam websites (this is called negative SEO and could be resolved through a request) or that might be you had bought some backlinks at very cheap prices. It does more harm than good.
  • Your content is not what you show it as, and it is leading to some spam reports. Google has a form to report spams after its Penguin update ( and this comes helpful in keeping the internet sane. Blurn suggests you to report any unusual content on the internet.

The solution to Google Penalties.

If you know things about SEO and all those technical details then it might be an easy task for you to treat these penalties accordingly. Different penalties require different actions. SEO companies are an easy way to handle these issues if you want to make a fair presence on the internet. Many SEO companies ( offer different SEO plans to serve different requirements. But the thing is, you might not want to get any unnecessary penalties. Take care of what things you touch while accessing the technical part of the website.