Whether you pay for local SEO services or handle things yourself, getting local SEO right means driving more traffic and converting more customers. That is how you grow a local business into a regional powerhouse. As such, it is in your best interests to maximize local SEO strategies at every turn.

Much of what constitutes local SEO services hasn’t changed much in recent years. But there are certain aspects of local SEO that go untapped because business owners and SEO providers do not have enough knowledge to utilize them effectively. The point of this post is to help you change that.

If you are serious about local SEO, I recommend learning about and focusing heavily on the following three strategies in 2024. As a side note, these strategies are complements of Webtek Digital Marketing in Salt Lake City, UT. Webtek operates a second office in Austin, TX.

Strategy #1: The Map Pack

For the remainder of this post, assume we are discussing tactics for maximizing Google search results. Google runs the internet. Do well on their search engine and you will do well on all the others. That said, the first strategy is maximizing Google’s Map Pack.

Also known as the Local Pack, the Map Pack is that set of three local businesses that show up at the top of local searches, complete with a Google map. The map shows each organization’s location. You also get organization names, addresses, phone numbers, and customer ratings. There are links to websites and other features as well.

Why should you focus on the Map Pack? Because it is a virtual gold mine. We already know that internet searchers rarely venture beyond the first page of results. When it comes to local search, they have no need to venture beyond the Map Pack if it offers what they are looking for. Your company’s website needs to be in that Pack.

Strategy #2: The Google Business Profile

How do you suppose Google comes up with all the pertinent information found in the Map Pack? They can get it from crawling your website and storing the data their crawlers find. But that might not be good enough to compete against other local businesses also trying to get in the Map Pack. So how do you get an edge? By establishing a Google Business Profile.

Business profiles on Google used to be known as Google My Business. Google has since dispensed with the name, but the actual tool still exists. Furthermore, Google expects companies that want strong local search results to submit business profiles. And why wouldn’t a business do so?

Google pays attention to the information in business profiles. They assume it is accurate and up to date. Make sure that it is. If it conflicts with information on your website, there is going to be a problem.

Strategy #3: NAP Citations

Last but not least are NAP (name, address, phone) citations. These are citations on external websites. They do not include the NAP information on your own website. The citations are important because they create valuable backlinks that tell Google and other search engines about your organization’s authority. Quality sites linking back to yours say something. It says your organization is trusted.

Whether you pay for local SEO services or manage SEO on your own, you can never go wrong focusing on the Map Pack, your Google Business Profile, and establishing quality NAP citations. Investing your efforts in these three things in 2024 should produce results you are ultimately pleased with. Here’s hoping your 2024 brings with it plenty of growth and opportunity.