The world is changing rapidly and so is internet speed. Nowadays without the internet, it’s very difficult to start your daily routine. From morning to night, the internet is every person’s basic necessity. In every sector whether shopping, entertainment, or knowledge without the internet you cannot have access to anything, this is how much importance an internet facility holds.

There was a time when people use to buy data vouchers for internet connection which offers 2GB data for a month and now we are in a place where even 2 GB data for a day is not sufficient. From time to time the internet’s speed has also improved which is the reason for the increase in internet consumption. From living in the 2G era, now we live in the 5G era when 8 out of 10 people uses the internet in their daily life.

But have you ever think about the fact that how much you spent on an internet plan. Well, this is something to think about if your daily routine is based on this factor. Having good internet plans can help you in saving more than you can imagine. Now every company offers internet  to its customers which no one can deny. These companies give wow internet plans and discounts. A good internet plan and connection will give you the best-surfing experience, saves your time, and your money as well. To know more about the internet, read the characteristics of good internet plans below.


  1. Effective Pricing- Even though the internet is our basic necessity, people don’t want to spend too much on a particular plan, hence internet companies don’t charge much and have a minimal internet plan. Their pricing is very effective and saves you money.
  • Best speed and technology- Broadband providers offer the best internet speed to their customers and every company is better than others. Due to the increase in competition, they offer the best speed and technology to their customers.  You should always check the speed of the internet while choosing a plan.
  • Uniformity– While working online, no one wants to get interrupted because of a poor connection and frequent disconnecting issues. Hence internet should be uniform and should not fluctuate every time. 
  • Usage limits–  Everything has a time limit, so as internet plans. These plans come with limited to unlimited internet usage based on the plan you choose. Some company offers limited data while the other provides more data. Every company has different data plans as per usage.

Advantages of Internet Plans-

  1. Fast service- Having a good internet plan will provide you a fast service and speed surfing experience. You can get information about anything within seconds and unlike before when you have to wait for minutes to open a particular file now you can open it in seconds.
  • Affordable– Due to the increase in broadband service providers, they don’t charge a very high price for internet plans. Even their most expensive plans are also very affordable. They also provide timely offers to their customers which provides more data.
  • Security– Sometimes people fear that they might face data breach while using internet service but no company compromise with their customer’s privacy and provide better security systems.
  • Availability– Before, the internet wasn’t available everywhere so people had to visit cyber cafés to use the internet but now it is everywhere. You can access it from your home and even from high mountains. Every company has installed internet towers in every corner.
  • International plans- Now you don’t have to buy sim cards if you go to any other country. Most companies provide internet facilities even abroad for a seamless experience for their customers.

But every bouquet have some brickbats, let us see the disadvantages of internet plans-

  1. Sometimes slow speed- Even though the internet provides a high-speed connection, sometimes they provide slow speed due to traffic on the internet or low server problems.
  • Depends on the weather– Internet connection mostly depends upon the weather of your area. If the weather is rainy then you probably will experience slow or bad internet connection and sometimes no connection at all.
  • High speed, High costing- When a company provides the latest technology and internet facilities, they charge more amount than their previous plans hence the costing of the plan increases and you have to pay more if you want a good and fast internet connection.
  • No availability in remote areas- Many internet providers cant provide connections to remote areas hence having good internet is very difficult if you are living in such areas. Even if you get a connection, the speed will not up to the mark.


While choosing an internet plan then consider these points first if you want a better and fast internet connection. Though it’s very difficult to choose a particular plan from a particular company but with a little study you can have a fast internet speed and better connection.