The online presence plays a key role for any business as it helps in increasing your sales and conversion. So, it is must for businesses to build their website and display their products online. People have today become used to online shopping rather than window shopping and this is what has helped businesses to grow rapidly. Moreover, businesses are getting popular as their brand is reaching to the global markets. fleet maintenance software

In this complete situation web hosting has its own significant role. Without web hosting, one can’t publish their website globally. There are various web hosting options that you will get to see. When it comes to startups and low budget businesses, it is fixed that their website will be hosted on the shared server only, just because it is affordable and also, offers enough resources for any new business. A business growth is a sign of upgrade. You always need to upgrade when your see a steady growth. Now, moving to a VPS would be fine until you don’t have high traffic goals or you know that your website traffic won’t grow so faster.

Then we come to dedicated servers. Now, a business that is strong in terms of finance as well as has an expert team to manage the server can opt for a dedicated server. But what if these two aren’t there? Only cloud is the best option to go with then. This is because cloud hosting offers high flexibility and budget-friendly pricing as compared to dedicated servers.

Today, Amazon cloud hosting india is a popular option used by several businesses. Also, web hosts have started offering managed cloud hostingso that they can take care of your Amazon cloud server and let you manage your business as well as think upon its growth.

Amazon Web Services have outshined because of the multiple features they offer to customers. It is not possible for any web host to easily compare to them. They have their services divided into four main categories (Compute, Storage and Content Delivery, Databases, and networking) including a dozen of other features each designed for specific purposes. Apart from that, you can also get to use multiple programming interfaces and dozens of developer and management tools that are designed to deliver a better web hosting experience.

They offer high reliable service with the help of full redundancy, server cloning and many other features even though this isn’t guaranteed always. You might experience fluctuations in performance occasionally because their servers manage heavy workloads and this puts a strain on them.

Let’s now check the review of the best managed Amazon cloud hosting provider of India.

Introduction to MilesWeb

Popular for their performance and reliability, MilesWeb ensures that users get excellent experience across the web. The company was founded in 2012 and caters over 20,000 customers online. They offer a wide range of web hosting services such as VPS, shared, reseller, dedicated, WordPress and cloud hosting services. Their customer support team is brilliant and resolves their customers’ issues instantly. Their customers can contact them at any time via live chat and email.

Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting Plans

Benefits of Selecting MilesWeb’s Managed Amazon Cloud Services

Free AWS Server Migration

Their team has years of experience in terms of migration. They have migrated thousands of websites without letting the website go down. So, your important files and databases will be safely moved from your old Amazon cloud provider to their managed aws managed hosting.

AWS Certified Team

 They have a special team to manage your AWS cloud server. The team has been certified by AWS and helps you to make your AWS server secure, powerful as well as hassle-free.


Your AWS server needs to be updated, patched and also some daily operations to be performed. But you don’t need to worry about all these tasks because their team will do everything for you.

24/7 Available Support

If you get a query at mid-night or face any issue in the early morning, they are always ready to assist you. They are available 24/7/365 to ensure your server performs smoothly.

Server Monitoring

For your website to be always available for your customer, your AWS server needs to be up and available always. Therefore, their team ensures this by checking the traffic spikes, infections and other issues on your server. online time and attendance

Optimization and Growth

In order to provide the latest technology on your AWS server, they upgrade your AWS server for performance, security and expenditure.

Increased Productivity

Your team doesn’t need to focus on the AWS cloud administration tasks. Instead they can keep on building products, gaining profits and helping the customers.

Customer Reviews

The Verdict

AWS cloud platform is surely the best if you want to take your business to the next level. If you have found that AWS is suitable for your business don’t miss to check the services offered by MilesWeb. They will take the complete responsibility of managing your AWS server and let you focus on your business growth.