Let’s face it. Transferring to a new home can be a stressful experience, and one of the most difficult aspects of the process is moving heavy furniture from your old place to your new one. Although large bookshelves, sofas, and side tables are not exactly the easiest objects to move or load, moving a refrigerator is, by far and away, the most difficult task on the list of difficult goods to move. However, if you give it some consideration and plan it out in advance, moving a refrigerator in a way that is safe for you and the appliance is very possible. It is possible to avoid the loss or harm to both of your properties by loading and securing them correctly. When it comes to transferring items, having total independence is one of the biggest advantages that come with owning a truck. Your truck bed can haul several objects at once, even huge ones like a refrigerator, or it may haul just one item. The fact that refrigerators must be moved while standing upright, in addition to the fact that they are both tall and heavy, makes them one of the most uncomfortable pieces of home equipment to relocate. How to strap a refrigerator in a pickup truck

isn’t all that difficult as long as you have the proper tools and follow a few simple guidelines.

How to clean your refrigerator before a move?

Making sure that your refrigerator is ready to relocate can make the whole procedure a lot less complicated. At the very least, you should give yourself a few hours’ head starts before attempting to relocate your refrigerator before turning off the power and disconnecting the water connections. Before you get started, you need to make sure that everything in the refrigerator, including the racks and the containers, has been removed. If this is not the case, you will need to take extra precautions to transfer them safely. In addition, before letting your refrigerator sit unused for those few hours, you should give it a thorough cleaning; otherwise, it will start to smell unpleasant.

Directions for packaging and handing over a refrigerator for pickup

It is now time to put the refrigerator in your vehicle. Please do so. Check to verify that the refrigerator is firmly secured in the upright position on the dolly. After that, reverse your vehicle up to the spot from where you’ll be removing the refrigerator. Putting the back wheels of your vehicle up against a curb is the simplest approach to do this task since it will limit the height to which you will need to raise the refrigerator. To make it a bit even less difficult, you may utilize a truck ramp to go from the road or parking up over the back of your tailgate and into the bed of the truck.

The next step is to have one or two individuals raise the refrigerator off the ground while another person in the vehicle pulls up on the dolly handles. It is essential to do this task with a single, unbroken motion, maintaining the refrigerator at no more than a very modest inclination, since the appliance must stay as straight as possible. If you are climbing a ramp, you should do it while pulling the refrigerator behind you and moving back up the ramp. You may want the assistance of a second person to propel it onto the ramp. You are free to leave the refrigerator attached to the dolly inside the truck so long as you do not need the equipment for any other purpose at this time. Place the refrigerator so that it is pressed up against the back of the cab. If you are moving anything else at the same time as the refrigerator, you may load whatever you are moving ahead of the refrigerator; this will also assist prevent the refrigerator from shifting. Put a piece of flat cardboard in the space between the truck cab and the refrigerator.

How to move a refrigerator using a pickup truck

When you move your refrigerator from one location to another, you could get fortunate and find that you won’t have to go very far. Take it easy on the wheel and avoid any unnecessary risks. Take corners gently, and make it a point not to approach sudden stops or to accelerate in a jerky manner. Keep in mind that you will probably have to use your side mirrors solely since your back window will be obscured by the refrigerator. While you get to your location, make an effort to park against a curb like how you did so when you were loading the refrigerator.

Reverse the loading procedures to unload the fridge. Employ a vehicle ramp if feasible; if not, with one or 2 persons push from the bed of the truck. After moving the fridge, wait 90 minutes before putting it in. This lets fluids that migrated during transfer settle.