Passwords are annoying to remember and reenter every time you want to access a particular site or application. These also are the weakest link in the security chains that cause fraud, identity thefts, account breaches leaking of sensitive information.

Does setting passwords feel like a task? Often remember the password configurations feels like a drag? Know more reasons why you need password management software. When it comes to the software, a user can store passwords safely with the power of encryption, activate single sign-on, one-tap logins, and unique password generation.

5 Reasons To Start Using Password Management Software Now

The password management software provides services that would never want you to go back to the traditional method of memorizing credentials and writing down your passwords in notes losing them again and again. There are five solid perks of opting for one.

1.   Remember Only One Password for Multiple Accounts

Keeping track of passwords for multiple accounts created online is a chore. Although there are different accounts, a user may not be interested in setting up multiple passwords for every account. There are benefits of password management software to keeping track of the single and most secured password for every account that exists within the chain.

2.   Access Apps and Websites Effortlessly with Pre-Filled Credentials

The major highlight featuring password management software is its accessibility across multiple apps and websites. The credentials once typed in are manually pre-filled in the system and ensure smooth and secure logins. There can be variations with respect to email addresses, phone numbers, and passwords for each account, yet those can be effortlessly entered and cross-checked by biometrics for enhanced online security.

3.   Biometric Authentication Safeguards User Passwords

Every device with the ‘New Technology and Innovation’ is bound to have biometrics be it fingerprint security, or face unlocking as a primary feature. There are added layers of authentication passwords for the right user and provide access across the system. Biometrics plays a huge role in identifying users with their inherent uniqueness and is vital for cybersecurity as there is no way to physically breach a biometric authentication.

4.   Unique Codes or Tokens can be Generated for Better Security

Some users tend to use weak passwords and try to access their accounts. While account breaches, identity theft, and cybercrime have become popular discussions, it is concerning in the digital era, where every aspect of life can be performed online. The password strength can be increased by combining a certain assortment of words and symbols. Also, the password management software keeps it in mind for you.

5.   Complete Encryption and Safe Storage of Passwords

Your passwords are highly altering and are stored in certain files on your computer, a minor security breach can cost you personal information, business, or asset loss. Password management software stores your password with high-end encryption, and is out of threat. There is biometric authentication associated with the logins that help easy identification and enhances security.

A Password Management Software Can Enhance and Secure User Experience for Logins

We at OmniDefend strongly believe in ditching traditional passwords and implementing a robust system through password management software. We have specialization in OmniDefend’s Single Sign-On (SSO) services, which enable strong authentication of every business application reducing IT Helpdesk management costs and friction within the employee’s productivity. Our implemented MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) acts as an added advantage of higher security and easier accessibility for the users.