P2P capability essential to high-speed system restoration, including Windows OS upgrades and migrations.

The secure backup of multi-user data and their operating systems in real-time must be equally capable of real-time system recovery.  

The harsh reality is that a high percentage of businesses or organizations that suffer a significant interruption, whether through natural disaster, internal malfeasance or ransomware attack fail to thrive, or even survive, in a brief time span.  

This threat to business continuity has grown more complex as more businesses operate from multiple locations or follow hybrid fixed office-remote work schemes, in addition to a growing universe of data security issues.

Thus, automated data backup and recovery is an essential part of disaster recovery planning. These systems must feature automated data protection; multi-backup of users’ data; and high-speed system restoration, including the ability to automatically detect and execute system OS upgrade and migrations while maintaining updates and programs.  

One solution available to businesses is ZeroUp, offered by innovative software company ZeronsoftN. ZeroUp facilitates automated P2P data backup and recovery in real time. 

Backup and recovery, which should also include the ability to upgrade or migrate operating software like Windows or Linux, must complement each other,” said Changmin Song, the CEO of ZeronsoftN. “Our automated solution helps ensure essential business continuity.” 

For more information on how ZeroUp can improve your business’ IT infrastructure, please contact ZeronsoftN at support@zeronsoftn.com, or visit https://www.home.zeronsoftn.com/en.